Introduction of Glacier, HOUSE III SA, HKUSTSU

Glacier, HOUSE III Students' Association, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Students' Union (HOUSE III) was established in 1994. Initially, it was called Germinate which was only a community with a total of 473 hall residents in UG Hall III. After the establishment in 1994, UG Hall III was not simply for accommodation, but also a home, a harbor of refuge.

We understand that we exist to serve our members, therefore we are dedicated to satisfying customers needs and honoring commitments that we have made to them. Our ultimate goals are to promote friendship, cooperation and social, cultural and sports interest among HOUSE III members. We would do our very best to offer an extensive range of functions and welfare which cover all needs and interests of our members in order to enrich their campus lives and to create an enjoyable as well as memorable university life.

Enhancing the HOUSE III spirit and cultivating a sense of belonging within HOUSE III are also our vital aims, as well as passing down the history of HOUSE III. Traditional functions like Roasted Pig Gathering and Glacier Week will be kept to provide a distinct feature of HOUSE III. While keeping the traditions, we will also bring new values and elements to our members. In the new session, functions such as Ice Breaking Night and Chicken Clay Pot Gathering will be added. We hope our members will be united and a fruitful year can be brought to them.

We, the Executive Committee of the session 2016-2017, hereby promise HOUSE III members that, we will serve our members with dedication and effort wholeheartedly. We firmly believe that with all that effort, the result of success will be reached and even beyond the former year.